Greater Indore Region's largest Radiology Chain

Get top quality MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound / Sonography, ECHO, X-Ray, ECG at upto 50% off across our various centers in greater Indore region. Using great machines from OEMS like Siemens, Philips, GE, Fuji, Toshiba, Allengers, Konika, Carestream and the best radiology AI solutions to aid our team of 28 radiologists - we provide the best quality, timely and affordable NEW AGE radiology services to the 35 million people of Greater Indore Region.

We also provide tele-reporting services for clients across Americas, Asia, parts of EU and Africa and work with the best radiology-AI companies like Qure (India), Fuji (Japan), SubtleAI (USA), Cerebriu (Denmark), Level42AI (USA), Annalise (AUS), Lunit (SK) to further the AI revolution in radiology

MRI Scans

CT Scans

X Rays


Diagnostic Services Available

Diagnostic Services Available

MRI Scan in Indore

Get MRI Brain, MRI Spine, MRI Knee, MRI Shoulder, MRI Abdomen, MRI Neck, Cardiac MRI and other MRI Scans at 50% OFF in our multiple centers across Greater Indore Region

CT Scan in Indore

We provide CT Brain, CT PNS, CT Abdomen, CT Neck, HRCT Chest and various CT Angiography services starting at just Rs 999 across multiple centers in Indore

Pathology and Genetic Tests

You can avail discounted pathology, histopathology, molecular and genetic testing through our collaboratio with NABL (ISO 15189) accredited Dr Vinita Kothari's Central Lab

ECHO and ECG at Indore

Our various centers provide cardiac ECHO at Rs 999 and ECG at Rs 200 in the greater Indore region. For corporate camps we also arrange for Tread Mill Test in Indore

X-Rays and OPG

We do all routine X-Rays and various X-Ray procedures across our centers in and around Indore. All routine X-Rays are priced at flat Rs 199 and dental X-Ray at Rs 299

USG and Doppler

Our expert team of radiologists perform and report both routine ultrasounds (Sonography) and color dopplers in multiple centers across Greater Indore Region

For Partnerships

We are continuosly exploring partnerships with Radiology AI companies and Universities, with corporates (for health check up camps), with social organisations (for CSR and charity) and Insurance Companies!